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  • [Pinning Ingredients] is on the cutting edge of what, when, where, and trends of the Pinterest Platform.
    Lorenzo Williams
  • Due to this amazing Pinterest training, after doing promoted pins for only a few days we got our first lead from what Chef Katrina had taught us in this course!
    Amanda Meeks
  • "The training is applicable to any level of knowledge of Pinterest"
    Kim & Tim Wolfe
  • I can't believe all the value in here, it's crazy how much you get for the price! Chef Katrina has really nurtured this course and jam packed it with all there is to know about the platform, and which possibilities there are to gain leads and sales. VERY cutting edge. I'm constantly amazed with her knowledge, I've gotten so much more than just another course! THIS is a person who cares 4sure and who loves what she's doing, so she can't help sharing everything she knows. Thanks again Chef :)
    Michelle Felicia Faerch
  • Chef Katrina really knows her stuff on Pinterest. She shares her knowledge in an extensive way, and is always willing to help!
    Karin Angelly
  • For those like me, who've never really been part of Pinterest, the training is easy to follow and it makes sense the reasons for taking the actions taught. My only question I have is for myself. How come I didn't....SOONER? :)
    Tom & Jeannine Dealy